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    Saç Tüyleri | Frequently Asked Questions


    What are Hair Feather "Bundles"?

    Hair_Feather Bundles are each a bundle of four feathers bonded together at the tip to create ONE extension. Each Bundle is unique, the long length varies from 26-30 centimetre.

    What are Hair Feather "Indivduals"?

    Hair_Feather Individuals are individual feathers, designed to make a subtle statement. They can be paired, installed on their own or used to create custom bundles.
    They are not pre-bonded. Long Individuals vary in length from 26 to 30 centimetre.

    What kinds of feathers are they?

    Selectively bred all American Rooster feathers.

    How are the feathers cleaned?

    The feathers are washed with a 100% biodegradable, inert detergent.

    What kind of dye is used for the feathers?

    The feathers are dyed with an natural, mineral-based dye. Because these dyes are all natural, they may fade over time and will very occasionally bleed onto lighter feathers in the Hair_Feathers.
    Please see Hair_Feather Care for further instructions.



    How long do they last?

    The installation will last in your hair up to 4 months, depending on your care. The extensions require maintenance as the hair grows out. The Hair_Feathers are 100% reusable and can be used over and over again!

    Is there special care required?

    You can wash, brush, blow dry, straighten and curl (up to 230 oC / 450 oF) just as you would with your hair. Just be gentle when brushing at the root!
    Please Note: It is important that you educate your clients that once the feathers are installed they are their responsibility. The feathers may break, just like real hair, if not treated with care.

    Can Hair Feathers be trimmed to suit shorter hair lengths?

    Check out our line of Shorties, designed for shorter hair cuts and/or layers.
    If you choose to trim the Bundles, we recommend cutting them at the top or on an angle and at staggered lengths to keep the natural look.

    What effects do chlorine and salt water have on the feathers?

    The feathers will respond to chlorine and salt water like your natural hair would; they may naturally fade, depending on exposure to these conditions.

    Can hair be colored with Hair Feathers in?

    When coloring hair there are two options: Hair_Feathers can easily be removed and reinstalled after coloring, or they can be foiled to prevent the color dye from affecting them.

    Will the dye in the feathers bleed?

    Because the dyes are all natural, they may occasionally bleed onto lighter feathers.
    But don't worry, the dyes are safe! In rare circumstances, the dye can stain skin or clothing, for example, the first time you wash the feathers in your hair.
    Please note:
    Bleached hair that is very porous may, in rare circumstances, absorb some color from the brighter colored feathers. If you have very bleached hair please consider using more natural colors to avoid dyes bleeding.



    Can I order just one?

    No, we are a wholesale distributor of our professional hair extensions products, and sell them in packs to our approved wholesale accounts.